Salty’s Restaurant, Penticton

What a  treat today.  Don took me for lunch to Salty’s in Penticton.  They have the girls with the prettiest smiles on the planet as their servers. Love dining here.

 A good change are the adjustments made to their lunch menu.


These changes are all for the good  I might add.  Don ordered the Fisherman’s Bowl which came with rice on the side and hot, fresh Naan bread.  He loved it.  It was the 1/2 order size and it had some shrimp, scallops, a couple of mussels and clams and white fish,  along with a bevy of vegetables in a coconut milk/curry sauce. He said it tasted like Pad Thai. It was mildly spicy hot. This was a new size for lunch.


On the other hand, I ordered the crab cakes that came with a fantastic salad and garlic toast.  Mine is one of the newer items on the menu.  It was great tasting,  but needs a little adjustment to make it perfect.  The adjustment (in my mind) was to add another crab cake to make it three small ones OR enlarge the size of the two that were served. It wouldn’t be disappointing to the eye then.  The salad was spring greens with toasted almonds and big, juicy blueberries with a wonderful dressing.


To add to the sins of the day, we shared a dessert.  Chocolate cake with a layer of caramel, ganache, another layer of chocolate cake and a ganache frosting sitting on a raspberry coulis.  Uhuh!  It was fabulous.


Our server, Kiara has a smile that lights up a room when she is attendng to  customers.


As always, great place, great staff and a manager who is on top of it all, all the time.  We will return for sure.

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