The Keg – Abbotsford, BC

We took our friends (and hosts) for this visit to the Keg. can one say? It is perfect in food and service. The night we were there, there was a large table with all men sitting at it. They were loud and the language was not suitable for the establishment. A few F-bombs came out.  The servers never said anything. Has this become the norm? I hope not.

 I digress…..Our friends ordered a shrimp and crab topping on a sirloin steak.  It was absolutely mouth-watering delicious. It came with red peppers and asparagus veggies.

Don ordered the Prime Rib (as always) it came with a baked potato, deep fried onions and he didn’t leave a thing on his plate. Whew!

I ordered (as always) the Filet Mignon steak with baked potato and red peppers/asparagus veggies. This has to be the best thing on the planet.

 We started with a Chocolate Martini (me), Ruby Sunset Martini (Sharon), Rusty Nail (Gary) and our DD  stayed the course.

 Room for dessert? Nope, but we did have room for a Blueberry Tea, B52 Coffee and a Scotch on the Rocks. Was it good? Beyond…would we go back? Absolutely! They have a great location and reputation. Don’t miss it.

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