Cooking Class With a Difference

Last night we attended another cooking class in Osoyoos at the Home Hardware Store. It was Chef/Proprietor Darin Paterson of Bognar’s in
Penticton  with wine tasting from Red Rooster Winery.  Wow!

Darin was sooo cool, he made everything from scratch and the explanations regarding the wine and winery were explained so well by the Red Rooster representative.

We learned a trick or two and I couldn’t begin to remember them all.  We enjoyed a spring salad made up of fresh fennel and full bunches of celery sliced on a mandolin, radishes were sliced thin and all was incorporated with a dressing made with Meyer lemons, Dijon mustard, grainy Dijon mustard, and a few other ingredients. 11 out of 10 rating.

Then Darin quickly cured dilled East Coast Salmon and then lightly seared them.  The potatoes “Jansson’s Temptation with Bleak Roe Caviar were also prepared from scratch and baked.  Believe it or not, absolutely to die for.

The gentleman from Red Rooster, very, very informative but, please forgive me, his name has slipped my old mind at the moment, was so informative about the wines, and the winery.  Cards were handed out explaining the grapes  used in each of the 3 wines.  This was a first. We sampled a 2009 Red Rooster Bantam. Very crisp and light on the palate. This was very enjoyable.  Then we sampled their Rose.  Lovely colour and taste. Then lastly, we sampled the Chardonnay.

The samplings of the wine were more than generous and appreciated by all attending. The food was probably the best tasting, best explained and Darin actually walked around the room so everyone could see and smell the product.  This class was a definite 15 out of 10.

Would we attend the Bodnar establishment? Absolutely! Would we attend the Red Rooster Winery/restaurant and art showings? For sure.

Do we thank the stars above for Frances at Home Hardware? Without a doubt.


Thanks Frances for a terrific night out.

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