Cora Breakfast and Lunch Restaurant-Kelowna, BC

When you have great expectations such as this restaurant advertises, it was a huge disappointment.  The pictures on their vast menu indicate fresh, fresher and freshest ingredients, lots of fruit in so many concoctions. I thought it was a little pricey but mentioned that with all the fresh fruit being offered up, it would probably be worth it.

We asked our server,Kelly, (her tag read Kelly Cheddar) the origins of the restaurant concept and she told us it was from Quebec. Well blow me over with a feather…let me explain.

Don ordered Salmon Eggs Benedict (not their spelling), and Don found the eggs far too overcooked, and the sauce was like a thick glue flavoured with too much lemon. The plate came with pineapple, strawberries, apples cut into a stacked layer, cantaloupe.  The presentation was beautiful.  He also had a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice.  This was the highlight. 

 The salmon was a bit off and it took until later in the evening before Don said he felt better.

We have been to Quebec and I am married to a French Canadian who can cook and believe me, they missed the class showing how to make crepes. I ordered an eggs, bacon with 2 blueberry crepes dish with no mention of potatoes on the menu and fresh fruit.  Sounds good right?

The crepes were about 6-7 layers more than any crepe should be and had the consistency of damp rubber. It was totaly inedible and flavorless.  It came with  potatoes flavoured with garlic….for breakfast?  The toast, sourdough, never, ever saw a toaster or flat-top cooker. It was sort of warmed but absolutely no colour and no texture.

I am so sorry, but this was a definite no-no. It cost us roughly $40.00 for this.

Note to owner/manager…please send your Chef’s/line cooks to school and make sure they can serve up what the beautiful pictures show the paying customer.

2 thumbs down.

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  1. Helen DiPaolo

    I loved your restaurant. When my son came to visit we always went
    for breakfast there. Was wondering when and where your new place
    well be located in Kelowna

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