Moxie’s Restaurant – Kelowna, B.C.

Have you ever returned to a certain restaurant because:

 a) service is good

(b) food is good or

( c) both and more?

Of course you have. We did yesterday and returned to Moxie’s.


It is so upbeat in decor and sparkles with cleanliness and the friendlly smiles that greet you at the door is always a treat.  We had an appointment to go to and told them of a time restraint and, believe me, we did not have to wait.

Trying to lose weight,  I opted for the salad and 1/2 turkey club sandwich.  I informed them about no onions and when it came, the server said it wasn’t onions but shallots…..I couldn’t eat the salad. The half sandwich was so large, I had to split it in two and eat it that way. WOW!

  Don had the soup. I believe it was Broccoli/Cheese and he ordered the Beef Dip.  He loved it.

The Manager, Christine, came over to the table and asked if we were enjoying our meal. When I mentioned, only in a light-hearted way about the shallots, she flew off to return with a new salad/dressing as  I was still protesting that it certainly wasn’t necessary. 

 THIS, by the way to Managers in the Food Industry, is what the ‘ best of what you do with your job’  is all about. NOT just because she replaced a small salad, but her friendliness, conversation, smiles and, talking about our Pandora bracelets helped. Just kidding…..

This was, AGAIN, a wonderful experience for lunch. Please give it a try, you won’t be disappointed!

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