Penticton-Showing its Best

Yesterday we had a few errands to do in Penticton. We left here at 7:45 a.m. and went in to Speedy Glass to replace our cracked windshield. What a fun place to be. Lots of  jokes, friendly people and they even got us a car rental to use while they held our car captive for a few hours.

Now we have the car we are off to find a Bakery….a real Bakery who know what people look for when at such an establishment. Ooey-gooey, delicious pastries along with breads, buns, cookies, croissants (huge). Again, smiles and friemdly, helpful staff. This is turning out to be a good day. Go to Wouda’s Bakery on Main Street.

From there we went to Save On Foods for some groceries, and smiles and jokes galore with our Cashier and after buying what we needed there, I absolutely had to go to  Home Again, Home Again This has to be my favourite ‘go to’ store for anything beautiful and they didn’t disappoint. Laura was really friendly and we picked up two Christmas gifts.

By now, it is almost noon and lunch time and Earl’s is  always a good choice. We were greeted at the door by a cute little girl. Trust me, at my age, they are all ‘little’.

We opted to sit on their patio and a really pretty  server, Keely, was right on hand, smiles (this is a Penticton trait today) at the ready and a great knowledge on the foods offered. Don and I shared a BIG burger and fries. Now this is where a classy restaurant really shines. They presented our lunch on two plates, fries in metal cups (to keep warm), ketchup on the side. The hamburger was soooo large, it was close to impossible to put into our mouths, It had lovely leaf lettuce (cold and crisp), tomatoes, sliced dill pickle, garlic mayo, mushrooms. Keely was telling us the staff is there at 6:00 in the morning to make and bake the buns. OMG! Was this tasty.

 It was a real treat not to have a burger brought to the table with all the fries on ONE plate and a smaller side plate to be used by the second person. Okay, now  we pick up our vehicle.

We really needed an oil change so…across the street, is The Real Canadian Oil Change.  WOW! We are greeted by a super polite and (yes) smiling young fellow who assured us we would only have to wait about 5 minutes. After pulling into the spot they wanted us to be, a really friendly young fellow who so fully explained any and all ‘things’ they had to check. They offered us, a couple of times, coffee, papers, water, anything?

Penticton, you should be so very proud of your businesses, staff and treatment to customers. You win the prize and anyone who shops here, eats here or simply needs to ask questions….without a doubt. Be proud!


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  1. Melissa Pulsifer

    Thank you for the great review you’ve posted on your blog, and for sharing this with us.

    I will certainly pass this along to the Penticton location’s management team for their review and to share with Keely.

    We love to hear from our guests, so thanks again for taking the time to write and share your experience with us. We look forward to seeing you at Earls again soon!

    Melissa Pulsifer
    Earls Restaurants Ltd.

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