Fairview Mountain Restaurant-Oliver, B.C.

On Friday, after running some errands, my beloved took me for lunch at the golf course.  Last year, we ate there quite a few times and always found it to be good. We sat on the deck and with a breeze, it was comfortable and really enjoyable. http://www.fairviewmountain.com/

Our server came over very quickly and took our drink order. We took a few moments to read over the menu as it was a little different than what we had last year (this is good).We ordered our lunch and then we waited…and waited….and waited.

I don ‘t have a problem when the restaurant is full (or almost) and they are jumping busy, but when it is almost empty, it shouldn’t take a long time to bring two cold beverages. We waited almost 30 minutes for a turkey panini and a house roasted beef dip to arrive.

My panini was to have had: lettuce, cranberry sauce, turkey and, I can’t remember, but I also thought it had Brie cheese in it. It was on a flatbread, which is unusual for a panini…normally a ciabatta type bread. Anyway, I had to check it several time to see if they really had put the cranberry sauce in it. It was tasty.

Don ordered the beef dip. It came with (as normal) sauteed onions and peppers. The latest thing (I think) is to use the PC pretzel bun. Don thought there was far too many onions and peppers, very little beef and the bun is unable to soak up the ju that comes with it. Their fries are unbeatable. Super hot and crunchy on the outside and softer inside. Really yummy!

I really like this place and will try again . Perhaps just an off day or new cook in the kitchen.  The view is really nice from the deck.

Price for lunch: $$

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