Red Lion Hotel – Wenatchee, Wa

While in Wenatchee, we stayed at the Red Lion Hotel.  The staff are very friendly and the room was clean. I will never understand why, when two people are in a room, they have only 1 chair. Would it be too much trouble to add 1? Just askin”.

The first morning we went down for breakfast, we found the eggs cool, the potatoes hard, dry and over-cooked and the bacon/sausage tray almost empty. We figured we must be really late coming down and didn ‘t say anything. Then…..

A very young dad (looked to be maybe 18,) carrying a baby but no shirt, no shoes and his pants half off his butt. He walked around like he was at home and, although other guests simply stared, I went to the desk and asked them to request he get dressed. They could lose their dining licence. This is a definite health regulation being broken.

The second morning we went down (same time-differen t server) piles of HOT eggs, different and much better, I should add, hash brown potatoes cooked with a ton of cheese and HOT and the bacon/sausage tray was piled so high the top almost didn ‘t fit. That was much better.

I liked the cleanliness of the Hotel and the friendly staff. Yeah! I would stay there again.



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