Hester Creek Cooking Class Dinner

For my birthday last May, Don presented me with two “Cooking Class Dinners” at Hester Creek Winery. http://www.hestercreek.com/ 

Last night was the first of two and it was amazing. Chef Roger Gillespie spent the evening talking with us (not to us) explaining his commitment to using seasonal local ingredients.

Our menu last night consisted of an appetizer of Baked Sesame Pacific Halibut with a Roasted Corn and Butter Bean Succotash This was so delicious. The butter beans could become my new most favourite item to eat. It was paired with a 2011 Character White wine that was crisp, clean and perfect.

Next we had Chef’s version of the Caesar salad. It had many more ingredients that are normally used and was topped with sundried tomatoes and shaved parmigiano reggiano. This was paired with a 2011 Pinot Blanc. Another lovely white wine.

Next came an oven-roasted wine-fed beef tenderloin accompanied by crusted potato gratin (I learned a new serving trick here…watch me show off now) and local beets and baby long neck squash.  Here, for me it could have stayed in the oven for a couple more minutes but it was so delicious and was thoroughy enjoyed by all. A 2010 Reserve Cabernet Franc Red was another perfect pairing here.

Last, but definitely not least, dessert consisted of  Tiramisu that was absolutely exquisite and was paired with (beyond delightful) 2011 Late Harvest Pinot Blanc.

We were eleven strangers that, by the end of the evening, became new friends. We were from different areas of our beautiful Province and drawn to enjoy a wonderful evening filled with ideas, tips and hints to prepare and enjoy wonderful food. Chef Roger Gillespie shared all his recipes with us and, with his permission,  I will be adding them on for the next few days.

Thank you for my birthday present it was wonderful. Would I recommend such an evening? Absolutely. It is not for everyone for sure, but those who truly enjoy trying something new and tasting new wines ….can’t be beat. Thank you Chef for a truly enjoyable evening.

Cost: $$$


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2 Responses to Hester Creek Cooking Class Dinner

  1. Mike, Brenda and Liz

    Hi Bonnie (and Don!)

    Brenda and I enjoyed reading your blog and your assessment of the evening. It was spot on! We’ll be regular readers of your blog. Enjoy your evening with Jeremy this weekend. Should be scrumdillyicious!

    Mike and Brenda

  2. Roger

    Thank you for passing this along and thank you for your kind words!
    I had a great night with yourselves and the entire group.
    I will see you Tuesday, having been in touch with Paul I know the dinner looks to be amazing!


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