Comfort Suites Kelowna, B.C.

Friday, following surgery, we had the pleasure to stay in the Comfort suites. They do not lie….the layout of the rooms is what ALL hotels should aspire to. A sitting area  which has a sofa in it and coffee table where you can watch television comfortably. It had a fridge and microwave (as normal) and they had a bed and lovely linens which was so comfortable to sleep in.

A table (desk) and office chair was also here.

A large dining room for breakfast…your choice of juices, coffee, eggs, sausages, bread, muffins, english muffins, waffles, etc. It is included and is a nice way to start the day.

The only thing that was not really nice is the bath towels…they are so rough they would take a layer of skin off. Sorry, guys but use a softener of some kind. Truly a disappointment and actually I was shocked at how rough they were.

I blog Hotels and Restaurants and thought aha! I would look and I am sure  they don’t have a bible anywhere. Gideon bibles were a staple and now not many places still have them. This one did and it wasn’t just the little pocket size, it was a larger book-size bible and it was  unlike any other I have ever looked at before. It had a lisiting of what you might be looking for….grieving, heartbreak, considering suicide, looking how to pray….so many titles and all you had to do was go to whatever reading they had for that exact thing. Also, they had in many languages, written out messages. This was really cool.

Would we return? Absolutely. It is so nice to be able to sit down and watch tv without having one sit on  the bed and the one lonely chair in the room being used and traded off and on so your back doesn’t break in two.

The staff is friendly and room was clean..

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  1. Don (the husband)

    Agree, the room has a great layout for work or relaxation. Wasn’t particularly found of the breakfast though. They need to put more effort into getting fresher items and upgrading the menu.

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