Brown Bridge Pub, Princeton, B.C.

Today, on our way home from Vancouver, we wanted to stop for a quick lunch break without having to leave the highway and go down into the town. We had already been to a couple of restaurants and were not happy with them and decided to try this one.

When you enter, it looks just like a good, clean pub. We ordered coffee and a cola to drink and Don ordered the one piece cod and fries and I, thinking ever so cautiously, would order a salad. I dread doing this because every salad I have ever ordered in a restaurant puts onions in and on the dish.

Well, our server was a real delight and the food was exceptional.  Don really enjoyed the fish and chips. It was piping hot and came with a great tasting coleslaw.

My ginger beef salad was so wonderful…..the beef was super tender and lots of  it on top of fresh spinach, grated purple and green cabbage (just enough, not too much) and cherry tomatoes.  I am still licking my lips. 

It was our first visit and certainly won’t be our last. Clean, great pricing and great food. If they had a web page I would include it, but they don’t. If you drive through Princeton, give them a try. It is worth it just to stop and take a break.



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  1. Brenda Sauve

    Thanks for the recommendation Bonnie. We travel through Princeton twice a year on our way to Osoyoos. Good to know there is a better option than the local A&W. We did try a little diner on the way home to Vancouver one time (on the right of the Highway). It was charming and the food was down home delicious. Sorry, can’t remember it’s name.

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