Earl’s, Penticton, B.C.

While shopping and appointment-keeping, we dropped in to Earl’s for a light lunch. Since we are both on a diet before Europe, we decided, before entering, we would split the entree.

So, Don ordered the Clam Chowder….he thought it was okay but should have been a little thicker to qualify as a chowder.

I ordered the carrot ginger thai soup…whoa! someone sure spiced it today more than usual. I couldn’t possibly eat it, even with triple the amount of yogurt (to cool it down).

What we did order and fall in love with was the Chicken burger with sliced apples, fig jam and melted brie cheese. We split this so didn’t feel too guilty. It came with fries and we did sample just a few. Honest…

When the chicken burger came it had “twisted” bamboo picks. I kept looking at them and finally asked our delightful server, Becca, where we could purchase these. Would they tell us? She came back and of course, in true Earl’s fashion, came through with the “info”.

Earl’s always comes through.  Sometimes  a little hiccup, but with the beautiful servers and great attitude, we will always return.

One thing to note. Earl’s always makes you feel like  you are special. When you split an order, they divide it up on two plates, equally presented, and serve it to you. They never quibble about the extra plate nor do they just plunk the plate in the middle and let you divvy it up. That is a classy policy.

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