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This one is a little different. No recipes. Last night we headed south to Osoyoos to the wonderful Home Hardware Store manned by the most energetic and foreward-thinking person you can ever have the pleasure to know – Frances; and her wonderful, supportive staff, never to be unnoticed.

She had invited us folks known as “foodies” to meet and learn tips and tricks from one of the nicest “celebrities” around. I am referring to our own Anna Olson. Now, I try very hard not to fall apart meeting someone as well known as she is, BUT after sitting through the evening, watching, learning, tasting, and yeah, I admit it, WOW!

This lady is down-to-earth, funny, animated, not stuffy, she is the perfect representative of being Canadian. We are known as not being nose-in-the-air types and boy, that is so true.

She taught us so many tips and tricks and, of course, launching her latest book. I am proud to say, I already had her first one from years ago and now I have a matched set.  Sucks to be me sometimes.

The wine offered up to pair with the recipes of the evening were from Jackson Triggs (just across the lake from where we live…brag, brag..wonderful valley we live in) and it was perfect. Thank you Jackson Triggs.

I feel so good as, without bragging, some of her ideas and recipes she chose, I already have on site and, of course, they are different BUT in my defense, same page for concept. Oh yes, I am gushing…..

Thank you Anna. Thank you Frances, Thank you all the staff and assistants that it takes to put this on. It was wonderful.


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  1. don j

    I second the motion – Although I was outnumbered 10 to 1 (which, on its own, made it fun) saw that Anna Olsen is VERY well versed in the art of cooking. She made a soup and three deserts that were yum,yum,yum. So good in fact that I bought her Back to Baking new book

  2. Thanks for the kind words Bonnie……having met Anna a couple of years back when she became Home Hardware’s “kitchen-expert”, I couldn’t wait to share our amazing
    valley but most importantly the fabulous people of the area. She went away
    very impressed with both.

    Frances Sologuk
    Osoyoos Home Hardware

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