Terrafina Restaurant-Hester Creek Winery

After picking my daughter up at the airport in Penticton,we headed out. I had made reservations at the Terrafina Restaurant for brunch. http://www.terrafinarestaurant.com/ What a wonderful, delightful way to spend time together.

We were given a menu that was so unique, it was hard to make a decision. I made my mind up but the other two picked, poked, sampled and then, FINALLY made their decision.

Kelly and I started wth the Mimosa (freshly squeezed orange juice and sparkling wine). I ordered the Pear stuffed French Toast. It had mascarpone cheese, cinnamon, thyme, maple syrup drizzled over and sprinkled with toasted almonds. I have to say it was addictive. I couldn’t stop. It was soooo good.

Kelly and Don shared two items…the Antipasto Platter. This consisted of cured meats (variety of 4 kinds), roasted vegetables, hand crafted cheese, bowl of cremona mustard with warm focaccio bread.

The second item they shared was the Breakfast Pizza. This was different, it had farm eggs, smoked tomato, onion, pancetta bruschetta. cheddar cheese and bacon jam. It was the jam that they went gaga over. The Chef, Natasha, was the one who made this one up. Kelly, in fact, went back and bought a jar to take home with her.

This was fabulous fare…..priced well and good value for the above items. When we were ready to leave, they brought a bowl of Tiramasu and three truffles. It was yummy. So good. Yes, we shared.

It is a shame it wasn’t better attended by the locals and their visitors. I hope more go. You won’t be disappointed.

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