Terry’s Comfort Food With Attitude, Penticton, B.C.

On Friday we took our daughter to the airport and continued on to do a few errands. Don wanted to stop in at this Restaurant to give it a try.  http://infotel.ca/search/TERRY’S-Comfort-Food-With-Attitude/Restaurants/Penticton-South-Okanagan-and-Similkameen-Areas/100151819-1198.htmlI have a problem with some of these “just want to see” stops we sometimes make, but that is because I am not so adventurous with food and how it is prepared when I am unsure about the conditions inside.

Don ordered the small Benny’s, home fries and a bowl of fresh fruit. The fruit wasn’t the greatest, although he said the oranges were fresh. The hollandaise sauce was ‘different’. The colour was quite orange, quite possibly from the paprika on top. He gave it 6 out of 10.

I ordered a plain waffle with butter and syrup. Okay, if it is freshly made it should be golden and crispy on the ouside and somewhat softer on the inside. It wasn’t. It was more like a frozen waffle that had been warmed up in the micro at best and was just soft. The butter was so questionable, I had to ask. I still feel it was another product but I can’t prove it. The syrup was completely watered down. The coffee was truly great! I give my meal a 1 out of 10. Sorry.

The place was full of ‘regulars’ I guess. The waitress seemed to know many of them. It needs a bit of an update for sure. The hours are 5:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.

I guess you get what you expect from some restaurants. It is almost like they know they have a niche and now couldn’t care less about keeping it up. That is so sad.

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