Salty’s Beach House Restaurant-Penticton

Yesterday we went to Salty’s to, again, book the upstairs for Don’s golf group. We were greeted at the door with a beautiful smile and sincerely given ‘welcome’. The greeter did not know us, so it was not phony.

We took a table by the window and enjoyed the beautiful lake view. The sun was giving its best, I think, and the lake view through the valley was enchanting.

I ordered my favourite (up to now) the two fish tacos. These are sooo nice. They are flour tortillas stuffed with guacamole, tempura battered shrimp. white fish, lettuce, salsa, No onions please! It came with fries (new change here) and two sauces.

The fries, I am sure for a lot of people who like pepper, would love them. For me, as I don ‘t use pepper, had to brush it off so I could eat some of them. Now, here is where Salty’s beats the competition……our astute server, Danielle, noticed I hadn’t eaten them and enquired why. I explained my reason and she left after asking if they could re-do the fries.

I told her no thank you, all was fine. Then our ‘greeter’ came over (forgive me here, I did not remember their names – must be my age) and asked me why….thanked me for my input…and looked after it.

Don ordered a pizza. Now this one I would order as it was absolutely the best pizza I have ever had. It is called the
Bahama Breeze. It has prawns, scallops, bacon, roasted garlic butter, oven dried tomatoes, mozzeralla cheese, manchego cheese, avocado slices and a wasabi lime vinaigrette.

Good grief Martha! It is sooooooo darn good!

We love this restaurant. Daya is the “one-of-a-kind manager and they have a real treasure in her. Her knowledge of operation, menus, attitude, people skills, staffing is so noticeable. She is perfect in her niche.

Would we return? In a heartbeat. Should you try it? Absolutely! Just remember to go for the Bahama Breeze pizza and tell them you read it here.

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  1. Hello,
    Your words are so kind and we take them to heart. I truly want our service to be exceptional and our food to be addictive. I know we cannot achieve this every single time but I do believe it should be what we are striving towards. Your lovely comments have been shared with our staff!

    Thankyou, Daiya Anderson
    Owner/GM Salty’s Beachouse

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