New Year’s Eve 2013

I don’t have any earth-shattering resolutions to make this year. I only promise myself to never hurt or embarrass anyone intentionally, to help with anyone who needs a shoulder to vent on or a smile and hug to make the day seem a little brighter.

I want to make this site on Restaurants and Hotels a great one for you to learn from, agree with or downright disagree. I offer my opinion on the state of the establishment as one how I would like to be treated, food offered is the very best you can give me and treat me like  I would treat  you in my home.

We owned and operated a Bed and Breakfast for a long time and always felt guests, friends and family should be treated the same, fed like all who enter were Royalty. We have never waivered from this premise.

So, that all being said, may 2013 be what you plan and hope it to be. May you come to this site often and be rewarded with what you find.

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