Burger 55, Penticton. B.C.

While in Penticton today, after my hair appointment, we decided to find a place to have lunch. During a conversation with my hairdresser, Julianna, she mentioned this place, saying it was one of the best.


So, we leave and then don’t know where it is, so I called and she said it is a little shack on Westminster Ave. It was (about 300 sq. ft. if that)  in the corner. Picnic tables outside and in you go. Well, it is like nothing you could imagine. With all the awards on the wall and one for the best business in Penticton, it is worth it. On the wall are many clip boards with menus on them. You won’t believe it.


Option #1- 55 Built (3 different burgers here)

Option #2 – Custom Built – Grab a pencil and start checking off what you want.

8 kinds of burgers,

6 kinds of buns

8 different cheeses to choose from

8 different sauces

10 Premium Sauces

18 toppings (4 are included on your burger)

8 premium toppings

11 different sides to choose from

2 choices of fries with 3 sauces/gravies (cheese included) 7 options here

addition of bacon or smoked meat

6 drinks (wine and beer included here)

Then you can check single or double portions and, please, check the box if to stay or to go.

OMG, OMG, OMG……it takes forever to try and read the menu but you certainly won’t be disappointed. It is beyond belief in flavour, size and price.

They have to be the biggest secret in Penticton. Teeny, tiny place, big burgers, big  flavour and the best, hottest fries around. I don’t know what he does with them but they don ‘t seem to get old and cold.

Yes, we highly recommend it and hopefully everyone in Penticton and entire Valley will go and try it out. Tell them you saw it here.

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