Hooded Merganser Restaurant, Penticton, B.C.

After completing our hair appointments at the wonderful Shingata Salon, I took my husband for lunch at the Hooded Merganser (same site). http://www.hoodedmerganser.ca/

I must tell you first that  I went to the Casino for about 30 minutes and WON again. I love that place. Now…..back to lunch.

Don ordered the luncheon special. It consisted of Beet Borscht and a Rueben sandwich. He loved the soup – flavours were super good but the sandwich, due to the fact the sauerkraut was so “wet” the toast became very soggy. This sort of detracted from the ample portion.

I ordered the Spinach and Pecan salad. This was really good. Not cheap on the pecans (which I love), strawberries, a beautiful goat cheese (Chevre) and..get this..take fresh figs and slice them in small discs…dehydrate them and add them to the salad. What a winner this addition is.

Don tried it and loved the figs. Add a glass of Pinot Gris for me and it was a great lunch. We came home feeling really happy and content. What a wonderful day! What a wonderful life we lead here.

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