Jake’s-Lyndon, Wash.

While on our way to a family reunion in Victoria, we dipped into the States to go for lunch at Jake’s. We started going here years ago when he first started out and really liked it then. He has tweeked his menu now to really showcase what he does best….barbecue.

Don ordered the brisket with baked beans and fries. He said the brisket was very tender and the beans were really good – not too sweet.

I had the mushroom cheese burger. He really makes the best burger. It has a flavour no other restaurant can come up with. I had the sweet potato fries. YUM!

When we were departing, I left my card with the server and we left. In seconds, Brian, the owner andĀ  barbecue master, came out and chatted with us. Now that is a real treat. ThisĀ  is one man who really knows what he does best, and capalized on it.

Take the time to stop in and enjoy great western barbecue, you won’t be sorry!

Will we come back ? In a heartbeat.

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