The Lake Village Bakery

Cooking class number one and it was a real treat. The owners, Shannon and Sean, are young, energetic and trying very hard to make the best breads etc. that they can. Their products are local, the manner in which the breads and pastries are made are “old fasioned” and simply awesome to eat and treasure.

They made three things last night: a lemon cream dessert. Never have I consumed such pure silk in the mouth as this. It is tangy and utter heaven. I would use this as a palate cleanser between courses. It is also a dessert when you add fresh berries, whipped cream and perhaps a little lemon zest.

Now this is a total surprise. Both the owners graduated from cooking school (as Sean put it) so they did a soup. A pea soup. Unlike anything you have ever had. Trust me on this. It is neon in colour (perfect for St. Patrick’s Day celebrations and I will be using it). The flavour is unbelievable and probably the best soup we have ever eaten. I kid you not. The recipe is on my other site and I am using it with Shannon’s permission.

They also gave us their recipe for creme fraiche, which they used as a garnish for the soup. I absolutely hate the store bought kind. This? I could use it on my cereal. Sooooo good!

The third item was their focaccio bread. OMG! I have never had such pleasure in eating bread. It takes a long time to do because you leave the dough in the fridge overnight and then, after bringing to room temperature in about 3 hours, you bake it.

Sean was saying they take 3 days to bake their breads and explained the process to us. You know, a lot can be said about the big centers with all the glitz and glam, but we have been introduced to numerous Chefs, wineries, recipes, techniques and tastes in two years and now know alot of these people personally. We have never met anyone yet that didn’t offer their knowledge freely to anyone who would ask them.

Local – absolutely. Worth it? – For sure. We would travel here from Oliver for our bread now rather than drive to Penticton as we have done for almost 2 years. The Bakery in Oliver has a lot to learn. Maybe they should have been here in the class with a “sold out” crowd.


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  1. Brenda Sauve

    Bonnie, I made the grave mistake of checking out their facebook page. Oh my goodness, there are not enough days in the week to try all their beautiful baking. Can’t wait to become a devoted customer of this little gem in Osoyoos. Your blogs are fantastic and so informative. Local businesses must love you for bringing awareness to their existence. Thank you!!

  2. Sean Peltier

    Thank you for the kind words and also for attending the cooking class at the Osoyoos Home Hardware. It was a treat to do for all those in the room. We were happy to see so many people interested in what it is we do on a daily basis.

    Keep up the good work.

    Shannon and Sean Peltier of The Lake Village Bakery

    P.S. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook to see what we are making every day.

  3. admin

    We just returned from this Bakery and let me tell you it is one going concern. I think we bought out the store, but I fib. It is soooo good and the customers kept coming in. Yeah! This is a secret that I hope everyone
    visits and buys. P.S. try the chocolate macaroon…it is to die for.

  4. Bill Morley Dagmar Morley

    We enjoyed a recent vacation in Osoyoos visiting our daughter. Karen insisted we visit the Lake Village Bakery. The chocolate macaroon is certainly to die for!!! It would be a big mistake for visitors to miss out on this treat. Best of luck Sean & Shannon.

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