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The title is logical, don’t you think? Oh well, someone might not know that fact. Okay, here it is. Great big kudos to Francis and her staff for, once again, hosting the cooking classes for 2013.

You have to be in her store to know what I am talking about. You will find whatever you are looking for and that which you are not as she has EVERYTHING here and I know you could spend several hours just looking.


We won’t be attending all the shows this year, but we will be at four of them. I will talk about Francis and her staff at the end of the shows. If I were to blog her everytime we attended, she would have to put me on staff. As an example what she has, the foods served tonight were upgraded in the presentation and, not to be outdone, we had to go and buy the dishes so we, too, could present the same way!

We love her, love her store and certainly love the energy you feel when you attend these classes. Keep it up!

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