Complacent – A Wine Lesson All Should Know

Over the Easter weekend, we were out to dinner with family we haven’t seen for awhile. We ordered the wine and when the server came to pour the wine in the glass for tasting, I asked him to please bring me a clean glass.

This is a top notch restaurant  and definitely should know better. The glass was all water spots. The comment at the table was “just leave it, it won’t affect the wine”. This is not the right answer and when the price is up there to coincide with the quality of the restaurant, clean, sparkling glasses should be on the tables. We did note that following getting a clean glass, a young server went from table to table, polishing the glasses. I would never offer a spotty glass to you in my home (and it is free) then why would you think it is okay in public?

Yesterday we were at a winery restaurant to celebrate my husband’s birthday. I was seated so  I could watch the server pour my glass of Pinot Gris. She removed the stopper and poured all the contents into the glass and brought it me.

Now, here is a lesson all wineries and servers should be aware of ..NEVER pour the entire 4 or 6 oz. of wine into the glass all at once. How can one taste it, smell it, and swirl it correctly if you do not bring the bottle to the table and pour a little into the glass. When the wine is priced up to $14.00 per glass, we should be allowed to do this.

Secondly, NEVER offer to a guest wine that was opened yesterday. Anything left in the bottle at days end should be given to the kitchen for cooking.  Also, never empty one wine bottle into a glass and open another to top it off. Major sin!

When I asked the server when this wine was opened, she told me honestly that it was yesterday. She said it was the policy of the winery to do this. Shame on them!

Another thing-when in a top level winery restaurant or dining establishment..they should be using top quality glasses. You cannot serve a special red in a Walmart special.

There…I just vented but please watch what you are served, when it was poured and the kind of glass it is served  in. If it is a bad wine anyway nothing, of course, will help. Just sayin’.

The food in both these restaurants is top notch. Truly but on the wine side…I just whined.

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