Chongqing Restaurant, Vancouver, B.C.

On Friday evening, we took our grandkids and their parents to this fabulous restaurant to celebrate.

We live in a small Town in B.C. and never get to dine on really goodChinese food and when we are in Vancouver, we ALWAYS go here. 

It sits on the corner of the intersection  (12th Avenue and Commercial Drive).
It is unassuming in appearance but once inside, it is large, clean and always busy.

For 6 of us, we always order one dish each, plus rice and then we all share in the delights that quickly appear.

We had honey garlic ribs, sweet lemon chicken, Manchurian Beef (hot), lettuce wraps (really, really good) and one Chow Mein (sorry, J. I didn’t hear the kind) but, for flavour, this was the winner of the night. Don ordered a gigantic crab. When we finished eating the crab, I think we needed a shower. It was “up-to-the-elbow- delicious.

We were celebrating good health news for my husband and what a way to celebrate!

If you are in Vancouver, or planning on being in Vancouver, be sure to go here. You will not be disappointed for sure.

Price $$ – $$$ (depending on the quantities ordered.

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  1. Don

    I agree. We figure there must have been a new chef at the helm as the food was so much better ( It was really good before, but this was a step above). The garlic ribs were crisp and sticky, the lemon chicken was tender and lemony sweet, and the Manchurian beef was memorably hot, just enough to make you want more and really, the chow mein was one of the best I’ve had.
    Apart from the above, the service was helpful, quick and attentive. Loved it.

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