Small Place, Abbotsford, B.C.

On our way home on Saturday we met a friend at this establishment. I was told the food was good, the service unique and cheap. I have not named it because….read on!

It is not much bigger than a walk in closet. The menu is really about 5 things. Soup of the day, Sandwiches (Classic, Pulled pork,or Beef served on a sweet potato bun.) The bun is good for sure. 

When we were done, I presented my card . The demeanor of the cook changed completely. Where was I from?  “Never heard of it” …further explanations given and again “never heard of it”. I asked him where he was from and he said down East. I wasn’t sure if he said New Brunswick or some other place.

He threw my card in the garbage, told me he didn’t want any advertising, never would he advertise and that was it. Outside I was told that if you don’t order what he says exactly is on the menu, he won’t serve you.

My question  is this…who is he running from, or what is he running from? I’ve never come across any establishment like it. Unique..of course it is.

Will we return? Not likely.

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