Buy The Sea, Penticton, BC

I have known, myself, some pretty heartless landlords in my lifetime but today I heard of a new one. A real scummy one in fact. The market place is called Apple Plaza.

We have been dealing with Buy The Sea, a fish monger in Penticton for over 2 years. Also they serve the very best shrimp sandwich at lunchtime. This is true.

This business has been in the same spot for 20 years……until now. With barely 30 days notice, Apple Plaza told the owners of this establishment they have until June 15 to vacate the premises. Another tenant is coming in.

Now…there was a small space next to our fish monger that was vacant. Buy the Sea management was not given the opportunity to take it on and expand a little bit…after all, they had been here 20 years. No siree…the callous landlord dropped the bomb on these people and they have to move.

I spoke with Mike today (having eaten another fabulous shrimp sandwich) and he mentioned they were a day or two away from putting in new equipment.

I wish Buy The Sea the very best in the near future. Anyone who lives or visits Penticton should stop in to their new place #106, 2100 Main Street. (just 2 blocks south, beside Old Town Farm Market).

Andbe sure to order a shrimp sandwich…you won’t be sorry.


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