Olive Garden,Wenatchee, Wa.

On a brief little 2 day get-away, we dined at the Olive Garden in Wenatchee http://www.olivegarden.com/Menu/.

This is one place where you receive big smiles and welcomes, seating as soon as you enter and getting service over and beyond for a “chain” restaurant. Our server, Shannon, was so pleasant to us, giving us a moment to go over the menus (yes, it was plural) as they have changed since we were there last year.

My wine came, appetizer ordered and then we were making decisions for dinner. When the appetizer came…this is one you should try. It was  4cheese risotto balls with a tomato based sauce. Oh my goodness, they were really good. We shared these ( 8 in all) as they would have been a meal for just me.

We opted for the salad and this never disappoints. I asked for ‘no onions’ and with a smile from Shannon, it was done. Now this is where most restaurants fail. The bowls are ice cold and the salad the same. The dressing is ever so slight and does not over power. Truly nice.

Don ordered the Seafood Brodetto, asking if he could substitute the tilapia with Mussels. With a smile, Shannon repeats his request and assures him it can be done.

I ordered the Venetian Apricot chicken. This was 2 pieces of chicken breasts with a wonderful (not too sweet) apricot sauce, broccoli, asparagus and tomatoes.

While we were waiting , Brigitte, the service manager, came over and chatted for a few minute. Now I did something I have never done before and will never do again, I presented my card, asking that she say nothing to Shannon. She agreed. Now our story continues……

Dinner came, and it wasn’t very warm. We only mentioned this to Shannon (not as a complaint) but just mentioning. It was so tasty (both our meals) that we said it was okay we would let it go. Shannon offered to replace our meals but we declined …..and we cleaned our plates.

I ordered the Dolcini – this is 3  tasting desserts: Amaretto Tiramisu, Limoncello Mousse, Strawberry & White chocolate. Oh dear! Always order this dessert. You have a choice of 5 different ones. You can order 3 for$7.95 or $2.50 (think) each. We shared, but the Limoncello was my most favourite.

Our bill came, as because our meal was less than ‘perfect’, we were given a gift card to use then or on another visit. It was said that it was from both Shannon and Brigitte. I truly hope this was not their personal cost as it was not their fault the entree was not hot. We declined , but were assured this was what they did. After accepting it and paying the bill we were discussing amongst ourselves did that gift certificate come out of Shannon’s earnings or did the company take it? I hope it wasn’t because of giving my card out too early. I don’t think so.

So  Mr.Raymond Allen, General Manager, give a platinum pin to Shannon and also to Brigette for being so professional and handling whatever came their way with a smile. Big kudos. Your restaurant is probably the best in the entire chain. We have been to a few, but yours always stands out as being the ‘best’.

Thanks….thanks for the entire experience and yes, we will return. It could never be as often as we would like, but is a definite go to for us.

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  1. Jonathon

    Dear Ms. Williams-Paquette:

    Thank you for writing to us. At Olive Garden, we’re thrilled to learn when we’ve delighted our guests!

    Your email illustrated how Shannon went above and beyond what you expected for making you feel so welcome. Our General Manager, Raymond M Allen, will be pleased to tell the entire team at our East Wenatchee restaurant about the exemplary qualities Shannon possesses.

    The entire team is also going to be thrilled to learn what a wonderful time you had and about the exceptional service you received.

    Also, your high praise for our manager, Brigette, is appreciated and we will be sure to share your wonderful comments with the senior leadership team for that location.

    We know you have a choice when it comes to selecting a restaurant and appreciate your having chosen us. Our ongoing commitment is to always treat you like a valued member of the Olive Garden family.


    Olive Garden Guest Relations

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