Salty’s Beach House, Penticton, B.C.

I know…..I have mentioned Salty’s before BUT in my defense, I have never given my opinion in this way. Here I usually insert the link but they are shut down and you have to wait for their new site to appear.

After our hair appointments and casino stop we went for lunch at Salty’s. Don had to confirm (for the last time) his evening with them with all his golf buddies next weekend.

I ordered my one and only super favourite Bahama Breeze Pizza… absolutely HAVE to order this one and a glass of wine. You have to read on about the wine…..

Don ordered, after a lengthy perusal of the menu, the Curry Coconut Mussels. He really questioned our server, Becca, about the coconut (he hates it) but fell in love with this dish when it was delivered.

We spoke with Daiya, the optimum Manager, who mentioned that in the last month  since my birthday, she has hired 30 new front of house staff, giving her a staff of 60. This girl knows how to cover the floor with some of the best trained, beautiful young ladies and one gent around.

We talked to Daiya  about our server, Becca, her knowledge of the menu, her demeanor, and…(back to the wine) I ordered a Pinot Grisio – no special winery mentioned and Becca chose the Hester Creek wine. AHA! We are from Oliver and I absolutely love their wine.

She came by always checking if the food was okay? did I require more wine?I then ordered a cup of coffee. This young lady came by with a cup on her tray and looked at me and then the coffee and said “this isn’t as fresh as I would like, if you don’t mind, I will bring you a fresh cup”. Okay, Don and I are ready to adopt this young lady.

We again, “raved” to Daiya about Becca and she said, and I quote ” this is her first shift and I knew if she passed your approval, she would be great”.

Daiya, this young lady will be your “star” server.  As usual, we will be back and have that pizza ready.

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