Starting to Think About “It”

The ‘it’, of course, is the upcoming adventure we are taking. For me, being a secretary of old, planning, making lists of the “to do”, gathering all the things not to be forgotten…all coming to mind.

Of course, anyone who knows me, knows the suitcases are up , although Don hasn’t opened his yet. Buying the items such as shampoos, conditioners, toothpaste, etc. are all bought and on the bed, ready to be packed (Don’s that is, mine are packed).

Making sure bills are looked after for two months; to make sure nothing is forgotten.

Our dear friend, Daryl,┬áhas been booked (he’s the one bringing me candles) to look after the joint and visit with his friends while here. This is what I would call a win-win situation, both for him and for us.

We read, almost daily, about the places we will be going, talking about the wonder of it all, and knowing full well that, by travelling with a company called “Insight”, we will be in good hands. We have travelled with them before and they are absolutely awesome.

More on that later…..I just remembered something I don’t want to forget.


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