Brodo Restaurant – Penticton,B.C.

Anyone living here, visiting or just passing through, make sure to stop in at the new Brodo Restaurant. The Chef, Paul Cecconi, really knows what he is doing here.  Let me explain….

It is sort of like a Bistro-Deli in that you order your food, be it soup, salad, sandwiches, entrees, beverages and go sit down. When the food is ready and you take that first bite, you will think  you hit the mother lode of goodness, freshness and quality.

We know Chef Paul from a couple of cooking classes we have attended in the past and he is, without a doubt, one of the best ranked Chefs around. He’s not pretentious but friendly, approachable and always, yes always, with a smile. Working along side Paul is his wonderful wife. She was explaining they are also opening up their own restaurant in one of the wineries.

So….that makes 2 eateries in town, raising a small family and really making it work.

If the crowd at lunchtime is an example, the secret is out. Don’t miss it.

Don had a grilled three cheese sandwich with a sliver of red onion and he just kept oohing and ahhing throughout the lunch. The bread was crisp on both sides and sliced thin. Perfect.

I ordered the roast turkey, bacon and smoked cheese sandwich on a fabulous bun. OMGoodness, with emphasis on the goodness part. Wonderful.


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  1. admin

    okay, okay…Don and I were there again and I ordered a salad to absolutely die for with a side of hot, buttered cornbread ooooh oooh ooh it was so good and Don had the chili and cornbread. It was so darn yummy. The broth was heavenly. Yup,next week I am after the mushroom on flatbread thingy we saw on a customers table.

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    Not my fault today. We were in Penticton and found ourselves outside Brodo. I had the mushroom, feta, pesto on crisp flatbread. OMG! OMG!
    Don ordered a large onion soup and it was fabulous…lots of cheese, the broth was super delicious and a touch sweet. I tasted the broth and it was good. Anyone who knows me, knows I would leave the onion behind. Thank goodness they are closed on Sunday….whew! Paul and Holly, see you next week.

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