Antwerp Shopping

Okay, today we went on a trip to the ‘shopping’ areas via the Belgian metro. Trust me, I have never before seen such bling in my life.

We had a few snacks- something that looked like deep fried gravy and we tried a Belgian beer…uh, for me…Coors Light you don’t have to worry about me. I would never leave you AGAIN…….

Weather-wise, it poured all bloomin’ day. Lots of tours with everyone holding an umbrella…have to watch the eyeballs when walking about. The buildingĀ s (cathedrals, merchant homes in the middle of squares are unbelievably breathtaking).

We are having a coffee and then off for dinner at a restaurant called’Meat and Eat’, so will be anxious to see what they have to offer. If you have never tried Belgian Frites with mayo… haven’t lived.

Oh, by the way…..mission accomplished! mission accomplished.


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