Antwerp, Belgium

Well, haven’t we had fun these past 24 plus hours. We flew, of course, non-stop from Edmonton to Calgary (yeah I know, private family joke). Then, after waiting an extra 40 minutes for the lightning to subside, we were finally…. airborne.

The airline to use is KLM. staff are friendly, more than efficient and interested in their charges. We were treated to juices/drinks, water, dinner (which for airline food – quite good). Everything was included….wine, beer….whatever you wanted. We didn’t get a chance to sleep, but that is another story. Breakfast was pretty good-lots of variety but they must pick and choose their steward – tall, blonde, handsome and so super polite.

Carole met us at the Amsterdam airport and here the adventure began……

We were late arriving so we missed the first train. Fair enough….then we got new tickets for a different train and we get on the wrong train , off at the wrong place …another train…..and again, something was wrong…more trying to keep the eyes open-  a couple more trains, more hours trying to keep the eyes from becoming glued shut.

None of the above was due to Carole’s planning. But we finally arrive in Antwerp and now have to take a taxi to Carole’s apartment.

We slept for about 3 hours and got up to a delicious ginger chicken stir fry and a “OMG dessert from a patisserie” up the street.

Now dear hearts, time for bed… me…..tomorrow will look a lot brighter. We are going to do a little shopping….tah dah! a then some sightseeing.


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