Bruges, Belgium

This morning at about 9:30 a.m. we left for the train station to take us to Bruges .The train ride takes about 1 1/2 hours and the scenery is so pretty. The towns are scattered throughout but are definitely worth looking at.

We arrived safe and sound and took a bus into town. Now here the senses seem to explode. It is like looking at a Christmas card of old, yet there are modern shops selling the most modern clothing, perfumes, shoes and books and, in the same breath, are the shops of old selling tatting, tapestries and, of course, chocolates.

We ate at a restaurant in one of the main squares and wow….Lucille and I tried Belgian waffles (hers was strawberries and whipping cream) and mine was chocolate and an ice cream…ooooohhhh they were good. Don ordered pate on toast (looked like a pound of pate) and Carole had a mushroom omelet.

I learned something new….coffee here in Europe is stronger than strong but I ordered a ‘French coffee’….tah dah it is coffee with Cointreau and whipping cream. Not good for the waistline but what the heck, it was DARN good. Have to check the menus more closely from here on in.

We walked around a bit and then took at horse carriage ride throughout the town.¬† This is a dream town for sure with canals, boat ferries, churches, and people…..lot of people.

We purchased a few trinkets to bring home…gee …we haven’t even started the tour yet and we are already filling the suitcase.


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