More Shopping….Actually…..Walking!

We finally get it! Carole is trying to kill us. Only joking…..but we left here by cab at 9:30 a.m. as we had an appointment that took about 45 minutes and then we started.

We walked and we walked some more and then finally found a lovely bistro to enjoy a sandwich and a soda. After that the three of us (sans Carole) went into the Rubens home and gallery. This artist fellow ( from the 1600’s)  must have been quite wealthy….the home and gardens were very beautiful. Only cost 8 euros.

We left there looking for a place to have a coffee. I will let you in on a little secret. You have to have Carole be your guide and she will walk and walk and walk before we finally say  we were looking for coffee` and,  oh yeah, around one more corner and down the block we find one.

You won’t understand the practices here. Order a drink and it comes with a cookie. Order a drink at a chocolate shop and they put a chocolate on the tray. If they like you (and I think he did) he came with a tray of 12 different kinds of chocolate. Sorry, Suzanne, we ate them all. Now I feel guilty and went inside to buy some more. 21 Euros later…..yeah I know….

Went into a few of the higher end stores, all the while walking…….and then settled down for a waffle (4 sharing), a cold drink and after sitting for  awhile just people watching and chatting, we got up and – oh yeah- walked some more.

We are now at home, bent but only a little broken, until we go out for supper. Only 1 more day here….tomorrow is Carole`s birthday.



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