Farmers Market, Antwerp

Carole left this morning for a wedding at City Hall while we all packed up ready to leave on the train tomorrow. When she returned, we walked (what else) to the market. We have bothered Carole enough and it is time to go on.

I have never seen so many tables of olives, cheeses, flowers, fruits and vegetables. Then are the clothes, food kiosks and restaurants.

Lucille and I had a waffle and the other two went for a bratwurst and onions and a hamburger. Carole liked the burger but to me it looked like uncooked mystery meat, but that is just me. It reminded me of the deep fried gravy blob from the other day.

We walked about and then settled down for a soda and pastry. We walked home and got ready to go for a birthday dinner. It has been a good week. Carole has been the awesome tour guide and host and she is lucky to be here in such a vibrant city.

While I am ‘working’ they are playing some wild and noisy card game. Ahh, such children…….


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