Fiskebar Restaurant, Antwerp

One thing I’ve learned, Belgians never stop eating from morning to night. All the establishments are full every night.

We left for a restaurant called ‘Fiskebar”. This is mainly a seafood establishment. One ordered the sole dinner, two ordered the mixed grill – salmon, scampi and turbot with roast potatoes and I had the scampi with mashed potatoes. All dinners came with a small salad with a dressing and the mashed potatoes are done with parsley.  So good you almost want to lick your plate.

We ordered some chocolate mousse, sang Happy Birthday and came home. Tired, sassy and full. Out of all the meals consumed here in Antwerp, this was my favourite….the best meal yet and, if we lived here and I wasn’t married to the best cook, I would eat there 7 days A week.

Tomorrow is a big day for the 3 of us. Our adventure begins tomorrow.



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  1. High praise indeed, that sounds like my kind of place… do they do dessert too?

  2. admin

    yes they do. The best Creme Brulee. Yummy!

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