Florence, Italy

Before I begin, Let me tell you about the dinner we had last night. It was a Roman dinner starting with an Antipasta starter, then one course we had a pasta dish with a tomato sauce; another course was pasta with a mushroom white sauce; then I a white Bass dinner (Don had beef with a peppercorn sauce and Lucille ordered the chicken dish), then dessert was fresh fruit with gelato. YUMMY.

Now the best part:  our waiter was absolutely priceless. It would take too long to explain all that took place, but this  was one of our highlights so far. Insight….you are the best.

Okay, now….we leave early to head north to Florence. We get dropped in the Piazzale Michealangelo viewing post  to take photos of Florence. (panorama). Then we go to the Santa Croce Square (for lack of a better description) and enter a store with explanations given of gold:  white, yellow, rose as well as how the artisans started making the famous Florence gold.

You must take it all in. (But we did). If you ever visit Florence go into the Gold Corner and see a sweet lady by the name of Victoria. You won’t be sorry. Then we went across the square we had a light snack while waiting to go on our walking tour.

It is very hot and we still have not checked into the hotel yet..don’t forget.

That being said….it was worth it to continue. Elena, our guide for the day, was wonderful. We went into the Basilica to see the tombs of Michaelangelo, Galileo and many others. The statue of Dante stands outside and is really something to see. Then we continue walking to see the Bapistry and the “Doors of Paradise”. Now remember, it is very HOT and everyone is starring to sag……but now we continue on to see the Duomo Dome. What they don’t tell you is how large it is, how wide it is, how tall it is nor how breathtakingly BEAUTIFUL it is. It is freaking huge.

Tired? It was so worth it. We are going to rest after checking into the beautiful Anglo American Hotel. Then we will have dinner in the Hotel. I will let you know about it when we return (free wifi here).

Do I say beautiful a lot? It is because it truly is.

Back from another terrific dinner. Starter was Bruschetta, followed by penne with eggplant and tomatoes (yummy good) then roast pork with grilled seasonal vegetables. Dessert was Tiramasu (probably the best I have ever had).

In a word……..goodnight!


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  1. victoria

    loving the blog! gives a front row seat of your experience in your travels. it was a real pleasure to have met you and your husband and your sis in law. hoping to see you again soon! more adventures and cant wait to read about them! best regards!

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