Rome – Days One And Two

It was a long drive to get to Rome, but we are indeed here. We got here about 3:30 ish and left for dinner about 5:30 p.m. First of all, we drive around and, believe me, if you haven’t been here before, you cannot imagine just how much of the Roman Empire still stands. We are awestruck and now we dine across the street from the Colosseum. Yeah, We did.

The dinner started out with a Proseco which was very delightful. Now the first course is  bruschetta with cold cuts; then comes the pasta (to die for) and then come a pizza (again to die for) and dessert is Tiramisu.

Throughout the dinner, we are entertained by a wonderful singer and her husband. They were wonderful and very, very funny. We, again, drive through the streets of Rome and then we drive to the Vatican.

We get off the bus and have pictures taken with one foot in Rome and one foot in the Vatican. Home and off to bed as we have an early rise tomorrow.

Day Two

We cannot begin to describe what the heart feels and the eyes see and capture all the info in our brains that our guide, Christina, tells us.

We start off going through the Vatican Museums- 3 of them…unreal what has been captured and kept for eternity and then go to and up the Bramante staircase. This part of the Vatican is closed to the public but because we are with Insight….we are privileged. It was a little hard for me as I am having serious hip problems, but I did it and so did Don.

Now we go across to  St. Peter’s Basilica. Whatever your beliefs are, you simply cannot take it all in. To stand over St. Peter’s burial site where the words state “You are the rock on which I will build my Church and I give you the keys to Heaven”, to see the statues, artwork, and mosaics……you just can’t take it all in.

On top of that we were in the Sistine Chapel where Michaelangelo painted by himself in 4 years and that it is a fresh and clean as back then…dear God in Heaven…thank you from one humble servant to be able to see, in person, these wonderful works.

We then got on the bus and drove back to the  Colosseum for a group picture and walk through for a view. We were so exhausted, we came back to the Hotel. Some of the group went on another walking tour to see the Trevi Fountain and Piazza Navona. Tonight we leave for another Roman dinner. Lucky us.

I cannot stress enough about the quality given on Insight Tours. You get far more than you could even begin to understand or appreciate until you are there.

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