Paris – Day 2 – Last Day

This morning we are up early again to go to the Eiffel Tower and be the first to go up. Thanks to Bob and the Insight group for this coup. You would not believe the mile long line up at 8:30 a.m. to buy tickets and we got to go right through. We went as high as the 2nd level. This is high enough and you get a great view.

Now we leave  there for the Louvre. We have been here before but it was good to go again. We had a light lunch (thank goodness) then we boarded the bus again and went to the Notre Dame Basilica (beautiful).

Having listened to a very knowledgeable guide, Nicolas, we then walked through the Latin Quarter. This is known as the student section of Paris.

Okay, my hip has now said ENOUGH. I barely made it back to the spot where we got on our bus. Now it is getting sad. We leave the group and have to say goodbye to our new friends, our guide, Bob and driver, Franco.

To make up for it, we go on the hunt for detergent to do some laundry and find a Bistro for a glass of wine. That now done, back to our hotel to do some laundry and get ready for dinner – just the 3 of us. Paris is now ours…..

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  1. Kelly

    Sounds like it’s been a blast! When are you coming to Calgary?

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