Paris Day 3 – Final Full day

Revenge can be so sweet….this morning the wake-up call came in for all our group (they are leaving to return to London) and we just turned over and slept for another hour. I should tell you that we slept for 10 hours…we were just  a tad tired.

Today we are doing what Lucille wants most-to go to Galeries Lafayette and walk down the Champs Elysees. Here, today, we will enjoy a nice lunch, come back to the hotel, unpack and repack everything we have, Everyone can attest who travelled with us for 23 days, it was quite the adventure!

OMG! We got Lucille into the Galeries Lafayette and couldn’t get her out…just kidding, but we spent the WHOLE day there. Please, we have no more room…no more energy… more money…..Ahh! good holiday.

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