Day 1-Airport Hell

We are on our way to New Orleans and, after checking in with WestJet to confirm they enjoyed all the baking we gave them for being such wonderful people to complete strangers with their Christmas surprise, we check in only to find the leg from Houston to New Orleans was missing on our return trip to Calgary.  We are in Calgary now and they finally figure it out and put it in and give us a computer print out of the confirmation. We get to Houston and here is one of the biggest airports I have been in and, of course, it is filled to the brim with travellers. Again, we check in and find, there is no way to get to New Orleans. It has been erased off the system for our reservation.

Okay, we have been travelling since 7 a.m. and it is now 8:30 p.m. It took 2 people almost 30 minutes to work this out. Firstly, they were going to put us on stand-by for the 10 p.m. plane, but with prayers being silently spoken, they are able to finally get us on. These people in New Orleans were the first American airport personnel who had a smile, were polite and willing without being impatient to help two stranded travellers.

We arrive in New Orleans and line up for a cab. A lady in a security uniform comes up and ask where we are going. We tell her and she gives us a sheet of paper with the number of our cab on it with instructions that it is $33.00 and not one penny more. Inside, they wanted $58.00 to ride in a limo.

Thirty minutes later, we arrive at our Worldmark condo.  We are tired and starving. We ordered a pizza from Magazine Pizza. It was a shrimp pizza and was one of the very best pizzas we have ever had. It was made with fresh perfectly cooked shrimp, not the canned variety. We are delighted.

Tomorrow is another day. Please point me in the direction of a bed.






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