Day 2-Streetcar, Cafe du Monde and more

Aha, today we got up and ventured on the streetcar to go to the French Quarter. We were told, at the end of the line to get off….we did and started walking…..and walking….and walking. Then, after waiting for another streetcar (different line) we opt for a cab to go to Café du Monde.. Great!

When we go to pay him, he can’t give us change, so Don goes into Café du Monde to get some change and I stay in the cab. Now, if we didn’t get along, I would still be there.

Café du Monde must hold about 700 people and then some. There is a line up for take out that goes around the outside and backs onto the street (about a block long). You get 3 large beignets that must have a cup of icing sugar on them, the plate, table, floor and, of course, us. Guess what colour we were  wearing? Black of course.

We then take to the street and go in and out of shops galore. For lunch we settle in at Bubba Gumps. The food is awesome and, our server, Ruth, was a bundle of pure southern joy.

After looking around to find a store that was open on Christmas Eve we ended up at Walgreen’s. Such fun. We really had to hunt down bacon, some eggs, small milk for Don’s coffee. Panic sets in with me…where is the butter? Finally…then, naturally, we need the necessities of life…chips and dip.

We need to find a restaurant to have dinner. On the way back to our condo we stop in at The Cheesecake Bistro. Our server, Maxie, is so polite, so good at what he does he just tells us it is good old southern hospitality. I ordered a chocolate (you guessed it) martini. You could not have put a half a drop more in the glass and it was truly one of the best I have ever had. Don had a spicy virgin Caesar. Yup! it was. We then ordered a crawfish bake for an appetizer. It was different in taste. Maxie was shocked we had never had this before.

Now comes the dinner. Don ordered the southern fried chicken with a side salad. I ordered the shrimp ravioli. HA! Holy shamoley, it was hot. I could only eat the shrimp and two ravioli. Two cups of coffee later, we head for home.

A little tv and plans for tomorrow already made. Christmas Day.


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  1. Don

    What a wondrous place…looking forward to getting the experience. There is a saying here “Laissez les bons tempts rouller” Let the good times role….
    We’ll see…………..

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