Day 3 – Christmas Day

Merry Christmas  one and all. This is a little hard to do. We are without family and although we like to think it is okay to be away, it is a very lonely time without family around. This morning we had breakfast and then headed off to church.  It was a beautiful old church and a lovely ceremony.

This afternoon we just sat around waiting to dinner.

Our children gave us a dinner at Tujagues. This menu consisted of 5 courses. It was a shrimp salad with horseradish sauce; a corn and sweet potato soup with crawfish; then came a boiled beef and really strong horseradish sauce.

Now we get to the main course of roast turkey, cranberry sauce, sweet potato and an oyster dressing. Dessert came and it was a beautiful bread pudding with a caramel sauce.  (Pain perdu)

I had a beautiful couple of glasses of a chilled sauv. blanc wine. Don had an O’Douls. Coffee rounded out the dinner and we are now home, safe and sound.

Thank you kids. Tonmorrow is a super busy . We are off to the swamp and plantations.

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  1. Don

    Tujaque’s is one of those historically classical restaurants with a whole lot of character. THANKS KIDS.

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