Day 5-Cooking School, Harrah’s and more

After a lazy breakfast this morning, we head off to the New Orleans School of Cooking for a fun time. Well, you won’t believe the store offering tons of spices, aprons, cooking books etc. for all who enter. You have to check in at the front desk and you are seated according to when you booked the class. Ta da! We were the third name called.

Our teacher, Sondra (Sandra) should be considered a national treasure. She is so alive, so funny and explains everything you would want or need to know about cooking, history of New Orleans, and a ton of jokes to add to the spice of the morning.

The menu for today was: Shrimp and Artichoke Soup (fabulous); crawfish etouffee, Bread pudding with a whiskey sauce and, of course, Pralines  (pronounced praw-leens). This was also our lunch. When lunch was over, we did some shopping and left.

Okay, we went to Harrah’s and guess what? Yup, AGAIN. Don also did well, but because I won more, I treated for dinner at Oceana (another Emeril restaurant). We had a most delightful server, Brad, who assisted us with our choices.  I ordered the catfish po boy sandwich and for dessert – pecan pie. Don ordered a blackened red fish over gumbo and deep fried crawfish and sauce. He ordered only ice cream but we left happy and sassy and now are home, safe and sound.

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  1. Don

    Cooking class was one of the highlights of the trip. watch out people, next time you come over….you might get Cajun goodies.

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