Day 6-Rain and Dinner Cruise

Today it rained, lots, so what an one do? Laundry, of course. Then we watched cooking shows (what else?) and finally headed downtown to the French Quarter for some last minute souvenir shopping then boarded the Natchez paddle wheeler for dinner and some of the best Dixieland music I have ever had the pleasure to listen to.

Our dinner was Buffet style and had to be one of the better meals we have had since we arrived here in New Orleans and our server, Davonne, was pure southern delight. She was so attentive, always smiling and seeing that we wanted for nothing.

After dinner, we walked outside and visited the Gift Shop. When we returned we were moved up near the band and here it so ‘intimate’ and upfront with the band, it was pure heaven.

Tomorrow is our last day and we get to go to Emeril’s restaurant (#3 restaurant of his that we will have eaten in.)  Another gift from our kids. Lucky us.

This truly was a highlight day for us.

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