Day 7- Best And Final Day Yet

Okay….today is Sunday and our last day in the Big Easy. After breakfast we walk down to the church (Trinity)and what an outstanding service this was, in so many ways.

We go back to our condo and have lunch and wile away some time watching the  Olympic trials for the USA jump, speed skating and slalom races . Can hardly wait for this to take place in February..

We head back downtown to finish our shopping and wait for the hour to finally arrive to go to Emeril’s for dinner. Okay, we are NOT country bumpkins by a long shot and have eaten in some pretty high end establishments, but this one tops them all. We were in 10 countries in Europe, Hawaii several times, Vegas and others and this is “it”.

We arrived a little early and then are called by one of our servers to be seated. I think this is done by when you booked the reservation. We get seated and the waiter comes up and says, and I quote “how is Mr.Trevor this  evening”. We explain what happened and our experience begins.

I ordered a glass Pinot Grigio  (as I do when away from home) and I ordered the Burrata Mozzarella Bruschetta and truffle chimichurri,  I think I just died.

Don ordered the crisp Point Judith Calamari with olive salad and a smoked tomato sauce. He thinks he just died, but wait, there’s more.

Don also had the Fettucine Nero with shrimp, mussels, charred sweet corn, tomatoes, pancetta and urchin scampi fondue. He thought he died too it was so delicious.

I ordered scallops with sweet potato puree, country ham and  Bagna Cauda butter. OMG…..

Have we had enough? Of course not….I had the Banana cream pie (and I hate bananas) and OMG it was beyond scrumptious. Don ordered the cheese plate and some really spicy jalapeno (he says ‘frickin’ hot) jelly.

Never before have we had three servers attending us. Alan, our main man, was so super professional, friendly and funny. Emeril really know what he is doing and ensures it is carried through. He has been in this spot for 24 years.

To our children, thank you, thank you from the bottom of our hearts, this was unbelievable.

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