Burger 55 Re-visited

Wow! What a surprise and delight this was to see. They have moved – albeit across the parking lot to a huge-big spot. Tables inside  with TV’s on the wall and outside tables with umbrellas. The line up is out the door for most of the time we were there.

What a great way to do business. Start small – stay that way for awhile and then BOOM! across the lot we go. It is large, clean and so very busy.

Don ordered an Angus beef burger with a herb-onion cheese bun. His had a barbecue sauce (said it was hot) and drunk caramelized onions. We shared his fries. A word of caution here….the salt shaker POURS out and we were trying to dust off the salt as it was far too much.

I ordered an Angus beef burger with provolone cheese and their roasted garlic sour cream sauce, as well as ketchup, mustard and mayo. Tomato slice topped it off. Was it good? I think the birds were starving as no crumbs were left for them.

They probably serve the best burgers around and now there is room for all their customers. I would hazard a guess that his business has more than tripled now.

Oh yeah, we will be back….if you haven’t been there for awhile..run don’t walk.

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