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When one has failed plans for Father’s Day  (lost order-no delivery happening and oh yeah….no sunshine – we do what should have been planned in the first place – make reservations to dine out.

This is exactly what we did and we were not disappointed.

Don ordered the Duck Rillette and it was truly delightful. I tasted it (twice) and thought it was great. It also had pickled onions and a chutney.

I ordered the roasted Carrot Soup and it was lovely. Smooth as silk but more than I could eat. Okay, I have to admit the warm baguette they served might have had something to do with it. I also ordered their Pinot Gris 2012 and it was fabulous.

The entree for Don was the Halibut. It came with grilled cauliflower that had been marinated and not cooked enough to make it “nice” to eat. Also it had purple potatoes and some greens. Don loved the fish but was not liking the cauliflower – said it had a real vineger after taste.

I, on the other hand, ordered the Salmon. It had baby potatoes, wild asparagus with a beautiful sauce. It was delicious.

I would be remiss if I left it at that. We did have to return the plates as the fish, on both plates, was raw in the middle and had not reached the ‘medium’ stage. The Chef sent out a Ahi tuna and bacon appetizer while they completely put up two fresh orders. It was truly delicious. The balsamic aioli was ‘finger licking good’.

They win on both counts and highly so. They fixed it and they added a ‘treat’ if you will. They didn’t have to and it was appreciated.

Our server, Ingela, was a super delight. Happy, professional and always trying to make sure the area she was responsible for, were well looked after. Now….theyhave a new Maitre’d who, for a while, seemed only to frown. When I was paying for the Father’s Day treat for Don, I smiled at him and suggested he smile a little. Well, his face lit up like a candle and he said he was new and wanted everything to go smoothly.

I told him we were ‘only people’ and all was going well. He couldn’t stop smiling and said ” I love you” and again, as we were departing, he said it again . It made Don laugh. He told me not to say anything but sometimes a little boost called ‘pass it on’ works and works extremely well. I am sure the rest of the evening went extremely well for one and all.

Thanks Burrowing Owl you have really upped the game and we will return. It was delightful for us.

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