Moxie’s Restaurant, Kelowna, B.C.

While in Kelowna on a two day “get away’, we stopped in to have some lunch at Moxie’s on the patio.  It was a perfect day – warm, sun shining and excited about shopping for shoes. Yes…shoes. I haven’t worn high heels for 24 years and this is, uh, another story. Carrying on…

I ordered my favourite wine – Pinot Gris and Don ordered his beer and then we had to decide what we wanted to have. We were pampered to have two servers – Cherie who was delightful (and very attractive) and her trainee server, Brooklynne (again, very attractive) and both very food knowledgeable.

We decided to share a couple of things. Don chose the Bruschetta to start and, I must say that, as I don’t eat onions, they were so finely grated it was manageable for me. It was heavy on the garlic but very enjoyable. I chose the pizza – shrimp and wild mushroom……yummmmmmmmy!

Oh my goodness, it was delicious.

The restaurant establishments are really tuned in to hiring young ladies that are not hard on the eyes, wear a uniform of sorts (all black, your choice of design) and it works, it really does.

When in Kelowna, give this one a thumbs up and dine – lunch or dinner- and it will be a winner.

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