Cactus Club, Kelowna

After an exhausting afternoon of shopping and walking around a very large mall, we relaxed for a couple of hours in our hotel room and then went to the Cactus Club for dinner.

Now before you think I am weird, I’m not, only observant but the management of the Cactus Club really know what they are doing when hiring their staff. The girls are beautiful – not just looks but in decorum, knowledge of the products they are showcasing and just plain nice and the way they dress.  They must have a staff of about 50 girls (it seems like it) and maybe 2 guys. Anyway….

We wanted to eat on the patio and were told it was full so we sat at the bar and ordered a drink while waiting.  This time,  we were just celebrating the two of us.  I ordered a chocolate martini;  Don had his beer and a few moments later a table became empty and we were escorted ouside.

It was lovely, albeit a tad noisy from traffic. A water feature would eradicate that. Our server, Hannah was totally on top of it all…patient while we tried to decide what we wanted, checking back to see that all was what we wanted it to be and attentive when we were done.

Don ordered a Thai red curry Pacific Ling cod with coconut almond rice, crispy wontons and micro cilantro.

I ordered the Butternut and mascarpone ravioli with sauteed jumbo prawns, truffle sauce and toasted pine nuts. After we moaned our way to the end and sat and debated who had the best dinner. Of course I did. It was beyond great. I could have licked my plate….but I refrained. Don loved his dinner as well and ate it all.
Okay, now you would think we had enough to eat but nooooooo! We shared a Key lime pie…I thought we were going to explode. Coffee and we were done.

You really must come to Kelowna and visit the Cactus Club. I promise you it is worth it.

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